Thursday, June 02, 2005

What's His Name?

Why do I feel like I'm avoiding my civic duty for changing the subject every time the President comes up in conversation? I'm just so tired of hearing about him. I mean, I don't hate the guy the way some people do, and I don't love him the way others do. (Although I have noticed that the people who love him tell you that they love him and then immediately refer to the people who hate him.) I'm just so sick of hearing about him. I'm over the war. I never was afraid of terrorists. 2001 was four years ago.

Look, I beleive in honoring the dead.
But, would they really want us to give up all our hopes and dreams for the next four years of our lives? Wouldn't they want us to walk in the park? Lie in the sunlight? Drink wine and fuck? (Maybe get off the Internet...) Moreover, I don't actually believe in death, so why am I supposed to be afraid of it?

Hakim Bey had this essay back in the late 80s entitled "Boycott Cop Culture". He was sick of the idea of the cop. Police officers are one thing, but he was tired of movies about cops, books about cops, songs about cops... about the cop inside of most people's heads. The idea of the cop does the damage that real cops rarely do. He wanted to boycott the idea... the cop culture.

Our artists are obsessed with President Lomella. Our writers are obsessed with President Jones. And the Internet users are, as expected, insane. President Thompson is like this black hole that sucks every discussion into one orbit and then drains all the rationality from them.

Whatever happened to talking about bands, or books, or drugs, or parties, or sex?

I'm not apathetic. I care a great deal about the world around me. I just don't care about someone who I have nothing in common with. So, please.


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