Sunday, July 03, 2005

First post about Our Wedding

Well, it was the best day of my life, hands down. A year of planning and stress and joy came down to a day of pure joy. The weather was incredible, Claire looked gorgeous and it felt just absolutely wonderful to have so many loved ones around us. The day was over so quickly, and yet I have so many memories.

I remember when I was a teenager being very down on marriage. (It's much easier to be down on things when you're a teenager and have very little idea what you're talking about!) I just thought it was so unromantic to legally require someone to be with you. Me, I was going to be a lot more punk rock than that. You'd never see me walking down the aisle.

Well, what I have learned is that the legal stuff is a technicality, an accoutrement. The day is a celebration of the fact that, even though we all grow old and die, we somehow find someone to walk through the world with. It is nice to have the approval of others in this, but what it means most of all, to me, is that I have said to Claire, "I choose you to spend my days with because you mean more to me than anyone else on earth." And I hope that came across yesterday. I think it did.

Moreover, it is a day to spend together with the ones we love, eating and drinking, and laughing together. It is one day that has nothing to do with money or technicalities or any of the other things that we worry about. It is just there to spend together in each other's company enjoying the fact that we have loved ones to bear witness to our lives and our love. It is, fundametally, a day to enjoy each other's existence. I think everyone should be so lucky.


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