Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

The Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts Gallery has been ordered to pull several homoerotic paintings of Batman and Robin by artist Mark Chamberlain.
You can see the paintings here though. Whether or not they should be pulled for their totally lousy composition is another matter. But, is this really copyright violation? With the Nike ad I was complaining about a while ago, it seemed very likely that someone could see the ad and think that Minor Threat or Dischord Records did an ad for Nike. Because, well, I did think that. But, is there anyone who is going to see these paintings and think:
a) Batman and Robin are real people and now I think that they're gay lovers!,
b) DC Comics licenced their characters to a lousy painter for the artistic equivalent of a fart joke,
c) DC Comics themselves must be getting into the world of cornball "transgressive" art,
d) I am Batman, and dammit, there's nothing wrong with living with a teenage boy and hanging around in spandex underwear all day!

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