Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kansas De-volves

The Kansas School Board has decided to allow greater criticism of evolution to be taught in the classroom. So, creationists, whose very existence tends to call the principles of evolution into question, will get to critique evolutionary theories. Ah, but here's the catch- they have to make a scientific argument against evolution, which means that they will have to abandon their most beloved argument: "Thar 'taint no monkeys in tha Bible!"

Of course, the irony is that most people from Kansas make you wonder if the laws of evolution couldn't be more strictly enforced.


focalelement said...

Your comments on the nature of the debate over the curriculum are lacking. As I look into the issue, I have discovered that the local and national evolutionary theories boycotted the event...but why? You can answer that many ways, but ultimately the scientists who believe so strongly in the theory refuse to even earnestly investigate Intelligent Design, which poses very important questions. Rather than answering with science they answered with silence at the actual hearings. Many Intelligent Design scientists were there, eager to debate and address the issues (many of the scientists, unlike myself, are not Christians and do not have any religious investment into the science). The evolutionists did not show up, and I think that is ridiculous and a diservice to the nature of science as a field in which conflicting theories go head to head until the theory is refined. Right now, it seems evolutionists are so fully invested in their beliefs that they are unwilling to be challenged. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Rufus said...

Well, now you have. Thanks for the intelligent and interesting comments.