Monday, August 08, 2005

Poll: Worst Television Station

So, lots of people are reading this today. Which, brings me to a question:

What is the lousiest television station?

And no, Fox News and CNN don't count, because there is nothing more boring than listening to people tell you why they hate Fox News or CNN.

I've thought a long time about this. Lifetime is bad enough to make you a mysogynist. And MTV is pretty terrible.

But, I think the worst station on TV is VH1, if only because their nightly line-up is like;

8:00- I Love the 80s!
9:00- Fuck, I Hate the 80s!
10:00- I Can Accept that the 80s Were Doing the Best They Could Under the Circumstances and Let Go of My Anger
11:00- Let's Snark About Board Games!

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