Friday, September 09, 2005

The Big Picture

Okay, well Blogger's going a bit haywire today.

To continue, the President was re-elected largely because people believed that he would be more able to protect them than Kerry would. They believed that he would take decisive action and not be cowed by politics.

But, in a situation in which he could have saved thousands of American lives, he chose not to because he was afraid of how that might appear politically. Again, the White House actually thinks that this makes the President look good. But, let's not mince words here- it's time to consider impeachment.

Kathleen Blanco must be ousted. Michael Brown absolutely must be fired, for crying out loud. And it's time to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush.


Genesis said...

whachu mean the president we re-elected? i aint re0elected shit. i voted for the other guy, and i dont think i know why.

Rufus said...

I said "they".