Saturday, September 03, 2005


We're overjoyed that you're safe. Do you need anything? I'm sure Claire has already emailed you, but if not, we'd love to send you some necessities. We have a million or so empty boxes here right now anyway, and plenty of time. Let us know.


Anonymous said...

Hi! So nice to see me on the blog. I'm trying to think of what I need. My family and friends are taking really good care of me, and I got my paycheck direct deposited today by some FUCKING MIRACLE because the banks and City Hall's payroll department are all closed. I seriously have no idea how I got that money, and I know it's the last paycheck I'll see for a while, but I'm really delighted and not destitute or anything.

So.....Send music, please! How about a mix CD? I'd love that. If you need my address, email me or Becky.

Anonymous said...

Uh, that was me. --Daisy

Anonymous said...

Ooh ooh, thought of two things I need!

One is chewable children's vitamins. Grown-up ones hurt my stomach, and it's hard to find chewable ones that are vegetarian -- most of them have gelatin or oyster shell or carmine.

Another is bandannas to put in my hair to work out. My sister only has cutesy cat ones an' shit. I'd really love a green or navy blue plain old bandanna.

Those two things are both things that take a little bit of shopping and time, so I haven't gotten them yet. They're more like luxuries when you think about what people still in N.O. don't have. But if you wanted to send them, they would be ginormously appreciated.


Rufus said...

Yeah, we'll try to round up some stuff today and get it sent out. I think we'll have to email you, because I just realized that I don't know the Chicago address. Okay, sounds good.