Thursday, September 22, 2005


Okay, so that flag & ribbon bit might have been a bit rough.

What was really upsetting me was this site which, wait for it, offers free amateur porn for any soldiers who post pictures from Iraq or Afghanistan. The "gory pics" section is like a black-hole of the soul. It's not so much the goofy glee these people have in taking pictures of the dead and dying- it's the idiotic dudespeak in all the captions that really chills the blood.

To quote:
"Im pretty sure that dude has seen some better days."

"Nice pic, that's gonna feel in the morning...Anyone have info on the rifle/bullet used?"

"ouch that what i'm talking about"

"What every Iraqi should look like"

"anyone who has ever played an online First person shooter.. say... Counter Strike.. this puts a total new meaning to the phrase headshot.. lol."

Brett Easton Ellis couldn't write this stuff. All this and "My girlfriend licking puss". It's like valhalla for the Jackass generation. I have to wonder, seriously, whether the website designers are trying to turn us against the soldiers. Don't they have the slightest idea how much damage they're doing? What is going on here?

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