Saturday, September 03, 2005


Incidentally, the spelling is accurate.

This column from New York lefties Steve and Jen is just gross on so many levels. Talk about beating your chest over the dead and dying. To give a clue, the title is "We Told You So."
To give you a quote:
"Well, motherfuckers, and that means you, fat ass Goldberg and your master, Rich Lowry, PNAC Bitch Beinart, the racist wannabe white Malkin and the little fucktards at LGF, Bareback Andy and "Diversity" Instacracker, all you backstabbing, fag hating uncle tom ministers, you can see Dear Leader in action."

If my students wrote this way, I'd flunk them. But, they're far smarter, and considerably less embittered than these people.

There is just this alcoholic, braying, macho, semi-coherent stupidity to the writing that chills the blood. No attempt to convey an argument or convince anyone of the merits of that argument. Just furious, incoherent, short-sited ranting - the only form of communication that ranks in the blogosphere. Can we just start using the verb "to blog" as a synonym for "to froth at the mouth"? Yes, Bush fucked up... yet again. But, god, why beat your chest over a national tragedy? Don't they have the self-awareness to see how petty and gross this appears? If this sort of WWF-style assholism is what it means to be a "fighting liberal" these days, then count me out.


Pantiespantiespanties said...

I don't know, Carlton...I understand the writer's rage. When thousands of people are dead, here and in Iraq, it's very hard to remain distanced and rational. The world would be a better place if everyone behaved rationally and intelligently, but they don't, and I can't say the author's rage is misplaced.


Rufus said...

It's not so much that the rage is misplaced. I agree with you there.
But, there's a point at which outrage is expressed so completely inappropriately that it's like watching a flailing drunk man punching himself in the face.

Calling Andrew Sullivan, who incidentally has quite openly criticized Bush and voted for Kerry, "Bareback Andy" as a "joke" on his HIV+ status? Or the casual use of the word "nigger" for some sort of transgressive effect? And Michelle Malkin is an idiot, to be sure, but the tendency of so many on the far-left to refer to her as a "wannabe white" comes off as a cringe-inducing variant on "race traitor". I guess what really worries me is that so many people on the left and right seem to have become convinced that people who disagree with them politically are simply outside the pale. It's understandable in tense times like these, but it never really bodes well in democracies.