Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Workers of the Small World Unite!

Finally! Communist China gets its own Disneyland, or perhaps it should be called The People's Democratic Land of Mouse Solidarity. Any changes?
All of the Princes are now dead, and Cinderella's Castle is held in common by Chip and Dale,
With the classless society, Sleeping Beauty and Dopey can finally be together,
Pooh now seen more as an example of bourgeois greed,
One major attraction is the glass-encased body of Walt Disney,
Donald Duck's hilarious hijinx now include turning Pluto in to the secret police for counter-revolutionary activity,
The Mickey Mouse Club is dedicated to strengthening the ideology of its members through rigorous indoctrination,
No one talks about what happened to Bambi's mother,
Now called the Proletariat of the Carribean,
Scrooge McDuck barely escaped with his life,
The Main Street parade is more a show of military strength now,
Much of the Country Bears' Jamboree material is blatant propaganda,
Hall of the Revolutionaries animatronic Trotsky stabbed daily at 3:30 and 5:30.

The endless lines are pretty much the same though.


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Rufus said...

Yes, I'm leaving this spam here because the guy is so unaware of the irony.