Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hugo Chavez

The United States has accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "of making new enemies abroad to fire up supporters at home with demagoguery ". Also, his strategy is "based on confrontation and conflict, and in order to sustain it over time it requires an ever- increasing search for enemies," the assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs told lawmakers. In related news, the kettle is pitch black, according to a press-release from the pot.


AfueraChavez said...

Hugo Chavez is a Dictator. He is the worst of the worst.

View a video of Chavez violating Human RIghts.

No podemos olvidar; que se sepa que este es un regimen asesino

Rufus said...

Okay, it was a bad joke about jingoism. But, you know, I never said he wasn't a dictator.