Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Parisian theodicies

So, the gendarmes have locked down Paris.

Now, we can all relax and let the theodicies roll in.

Okay, so what is France in denial about?

According to the Washington Post, they're in denial about their deep race problems.

According to the National Post, they're in denial about the modern romanticized jihad cult.

According to the London Telegraph, they're in denial that the Eurabian civil war has begun.

According to Frontpage, predictably, they're in denial that this is jihad.

The Guardian is also going with racism, in reference to France's "colour-blind integration".

The Herald Tribune, again, is going with urban decay.

The one that I think is still missing- France is unaware that the Enlightenment is one tradition among many, and that irreason has its own tradition and its own norms.

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