Sunday, November 06, 2005

School Lays

Apparently, parents are shocked to learn that kids have sex at school. Yeah, but they did that when I was at school too. So, what's changed? Well, there's no authority anymore, for one.

An Anne Arundel teacher said he found two students having sex last year on the wrestling mats in a high school auxiliary gym. The teacher, who declined to be named, said he didn't report the couple because he was worried about repercussions for them -- or himself.

"I've seen and heard situations when you don't have support. These stories come back and kick you in the face," said the teacher, who is in his thirties.

He said he doesn't think an adult's word is worth as much as it used to be. "Kids have a voice or whatever, which is great, but at the same time, you see [teachers] who step up and say something and they get mashed."

Right, so kids screw kids and parents screw teachers. Sounds hot.

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