Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Anatomy of Two Really Bad Days

1) Wake up and notice that left front tire on my car looks low.

2) Fill it at gas station and take it to Oakville Tire and Auto to get it checked out.

3) Kid at Oakville Tire and Auto tells me that there was just a "pinhole" in the tire and that he has fixed it. Drive off to university.

4) Twenty minutes later, en route, tire blows out while on the Skyway section of the QEW. For the uninitiated, this is a two mile long bridge over Lake Ontario, with no shoulders whatsoever. So, I have little choice but to drive the two miles to escape having to stop on a windy, icy, bridge.

5) When I have stopped at the other end, my tire is shredded, basically tassles hanging off a wheel. I walk to call a tow truck.

6) Tow truck never shows. I stop another tow truck driver getting his lunch at Tim Horton's, and ask for a tow. This is over an hour after calling the first tow truck. Screw them.

7) Get towed ($50) , and get tire replaced ($290). Drive home.

1) Wake up to discover that tire had also damaged interior fender, and pump for air suspension. The back end of the car is on the ground. Try briefly to drive. It's like a lowrider. But, not remotely cool in anyone's eyes.

2) Have car towed to Ford dealership for repairs ($50). Find out that I need a new pump ($700) and possibly a new interior fender (?).

3) In all of this, completely miss the first 3 classes that I am to teach. Have administration leave signs on doors. It's the first class, so the recitation is very brief anyway. But, I still, against all reason, feel like a heel.

4) Get beautiful wife to ride with me down to Buffalo to get some textbooks, so I can read all day tomorrow and feel less like a heel.

5) Chase cat around house and try to relax. (Priceless)

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