Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Boy Looked at Johnny

I'm trying to avoid that easy blog schtick of making fun of stupid things that people say.

But, this is just crying out for a South Park parody. Why are the respective rulers of North Korea and Iran both raving lunatics? According to Dr. Dean Ornish, it was due to American imperialism... of a sort. We called them names.

Dr. Dean Ornish:
"When the U.S. claims the right to invade any country unilaterally and then defines a country like Iran or North Korea as "evil," then it is a rational response for these countries to develop nuclear weapons as the only military deterrent to invasion. We create what we most fear."

Yep, simple as that. Remember dear, sweet Iran? Used to be "the Canada of the Middle East". And then we called them "evil". Same with North Korea. Why did we have to say that? Why, oh why? They just wanted to live in peace, and then we had to go and call them "evil". And, of course, Uganda is going to kick our ass for not inviting them to our "sweet 16" party. But, couldn't we solve all of this with a nice Hallmark card?

"You're not really evil...
In fact...
I think you're sort of cute!"

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