Sunday, January 22, 2006

Canadian Elections

Okay, since I am an honorary Canadian, I should probably guess who's going to win the election tomorrow. My prediction is that the Conservatives will win and that it won't mean very much. Most people can't stomach the idea of voting for the Liberals again, and the NDP are too far left. But, they don't really like anything about the Conservatives, aside from the fact that they aren't the Liberals. Does this make sense?

Look, it's like this... Canada has been going steady with the Liberals for some time now, and the Liberals have cheated on them with a ski instructor (well, or embezzeled a fortune through the sponsorship scandal), and so Canada wants to make the Liberals jealous by going out with Stephen Harper for a while. So, Stephen Harper is getting ready for his big date (and, no doubt, learning how to mimic human emotional responses) and the Conservatives are so proud of him. But, he has no real chance. Canadians want to teach the Liberals a lesson. Big deal. They don't want to be Americans.


The Pagan Temple said...

The dating analogy is a good one. But there is more at play here than mere anger over one or two scandals. Like when a spouse catches the mate cheating, it's not so much the cheating itself, which is bad enough on it's on, but the fact that it points to a serious problem in the relationship that has been under the surface for some time now.

Put simply, the liberals have held power for too long, have in a sense become abusive, and have taken their position for granted. They need to be shaken up.

A little competition is good in any relationship, it keeps both parties on their toes, and in the case of political parties, like spouses, minding their p's and q's.

Rufus said...

Yeah, I think a lot of Canucks just think it's healthy for them to get shaken up a bit. They're probably right. The important thing to remember is that Canada is still Canada, so a Conservative here is not the same as a Conservative in the US. Just like even the Democrats are pretty far to the right in the states, the Conservatives talk like they're to the right, but don't have the support to actually be to the right. Stephen Harper's rule will be interesting, but not earthshaking. Also, he's about as boring and unlikeable as Paul Martin was.