Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Class clowns

Apparently, the problem of radical professors attempting to indoctrinate their students is so bad at UCLA that a "conservative" group has to pay students to record in their class notes that their professors are trying to indoctrinate them. Do you hear that sound? It's me groaning under the intense strain of trying to take these people seriously.

So, let 'em record the classes. Who cares? After all, these are "public lectures" anyway, and good luck finding an undergrad who will show up and take notes for every single class. And then let 'em freak out like the crybabies they are. "Wah! I had a professor who had the nerve to discuss feminism in her Women's Studies course! Wah! Wah! Wah!" What-the-hell-ever.

But, for the record, what social institutions do these wingnut Internet "conservatives" actually want to preserve anymore? Obviously not the free press or the universities. Those are both "overrun by radicals". Not the artistic culture. "Overrun by radicals". They apparently see ethics as malleable in the case of torture, and don't have any real sympathy for civil liberties. No doubt, those are the tools of radicals. So what's left? The Church? Or, will they want the Church to be "held accountable" whenever Priests disagree with them? Personally, I'd like to preserve our artistic institutions, sciences, universities, churches, military, higher culture and civil liberties. Which would, seemingly, make me a "cultural conservative". But, apparently, not a Republican. That's interesting.

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