Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Damn the Pusher Man

The 2007 budget for higher education is about to be released. How does it look?

“I’m not sure what the [president’s] budget will look like, but from what we’re hearing, it’ll be anywhere from not good to really bad,” said one Senate Republican aide.

Federal funding for higher ed has shrunk over the last few decades actually. This is one reason why tuitions have increased; actually, one of the main reasons. Ironically, as our federal budgets have shrunk, the demands that profs be accountable to the taxpayers have increased. In some states, the amount of federal funding in the operating budget is as low as 10%. Which theoretically means that I have to answer to the taxpayers' demands about 10% of the time?

Why don't we just cut the cord entirely? The America of the future will likely spend nothing on higher education anyway, and by refusing federal funds, we can curtail these dumb-ass attempts to let government bureaucrats micromanage our classrooms. Of course, it will mean that less and less poor kids will be able to go to college, but perhaps we can avoid that contingency by tightening our belts quite a bit. Hey, I know- let's found sports-free colleges, and stop that particular financial drain before it starts. Or, what about doing away with all of the "Spring Flings" and free concerts, and other Megamall free giveaway crap? Anyway, I think it's worth a shot.

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