Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is probably getting old...

But, here's an article from IHE:
"To disclose or not to disclose. That’s the question some institutions have faced in recent years regarding students’ evaluations of professors.

A proposal at Northwestern University to make all evaluations available may go before the Faculty Senate soon, and it is attracting both praise and criticism. The debate comes amid the growing popularity of professorial reviews on Web sites that have no ties to universities — and, critics charge, no quality control...

As students have become more demanding consumers of their education, various methods of assessing professors without meeting them have been born — some by students, and others by colleges..."

It is understandable though. If these bastards are going to abuse the students by making them do work, having classes that aren't deliriously fun, etc. then they deserve to be held up to public ridicule. It's called "accountability", and from now on, it only applies to authority figures. The lowest must be held up as the highest, don'tcha know?

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