Thursday, March 16, 2006

Apocalypse Watch

Okay, so the doomsday fellow may well be wrong about economic collapse or peak oil...

But, apparently, he's right about the hurricanes.

"A rise in the world's sea surface temperatures was the primary contributor to the formation of stronger hurricanes since 1970, a new study reports.

While the question of what role, if any, humans have had in all this is still a matter of intense debate, most scientists agree that stronger storms are likely to be the norm in future hurricane seasons."

Apparently, the debate is no longer about whether or not global warming is happening, but about our role in it. Which is pretty helpful really. You know, we should probably be pinning it on cow farts instead of figuring out how to handle the change.

Ah well. We'll think of something. Probably not a good idea to live in Key West or New Orleans anymore.

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