Friday, March 31, 2006

Apocalypse Watch

In SF, more rain than has ever been recorded.

In Baltimore, less rain than has ever been recorded.

The Pacific Ocean is becoming both warmer and more acidic because of its absorption of carbon dioxide.

At what point should people just start to go bat-shit crazy over this?


The Pagan Temple said...

Most people that are concerned about it are canceled out by those who insist there's nothing to worry about. Those are the ones who either have their own agenda, usually fueled by an economic incentive to downplay it, or are just in denial.

The only ones going ape-shit over it so far, unfortunately, are the ones who are praying and thinking it's all a sign of the end times.

Rufus said...

Yeah, I don't actually think it'll be the end of all existence. But, I'm sort of surprised that there aren't flagellants in the streets burning incense and sacrificing sheep yet.

As for the denial, I'm not really opposed to the idea that this is more media-fueled than anything, but what worries me is how universal the scientific opinion is. I'm not a big believer in the postmodern view of science as a politicized discourse or an ideology. I feel that everyone has their own opinions, but we all have to deal with the same facts.

daisy said...

And I'm reading The Perfect Storm -- how timely.

Rufus said...

My father absolutely refuses to read that book. But, he's a lobsterman in Maine, so it's understandable.