Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jesus wept

Well, I was wrong about Americans being opposed to torture...

"Is the American public apathetic about charges its government uses and sponsors torture in its fight against terrorism?

Not apathetic, according to surveys. Fact is, a majority of Americans actually approve of the use of torture under some circumstances. What’s more, according to one survey, Catholics approve of its use by a wider margin than the general public."

So long as the torturer doesn't masturbate.

Of course, eventually someone will tap into this national poverty of spirit and run on a pro-torture ticket.

"The only people the Democrats are willing to torture are the taxpayers! But Lt. Charles Graner is the candidate with real-world experience torturing actual rag-heads. Vote Graner- Or else!"

"Republicans say they support torture, but do they really? Hillary Clinton vows to support more torture, bloodier torture, and more emotionally satisfying torture. Elect Hillary and she'll even bring back crucifixions! Hillary: In Force We Trust!"


Hiromi said...

Ignoring the whole issue of ethics, which seems to be irrelevant in this debate, hasn't it been proven that torture is completely useless in getting information?

Rufus said...

I think people don't care whether or not it works- I think they just want to know that we have the ability to do it.