Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tonight at 11: Why Pepsi is so Delicious!

Thought that the local news would never stoop to product placements?

"There are more local news stations that are incorporating brands into news in innovative, cutting-edge (read: dishonest) ways," said Aaron Gordon, president of entertainment marketing firm Set Resources Inc. "The line, which has always been black and white in terms of what's news and what's commercials, is now being blurred." Media agency Initiative said it has been working on integrating advertising content into local news on behalf of several of its clients."

Tonight at 11: Diane Sawyer will have an exclusive interview with Mr Whipple about his crusade to keep people from squeezing the Charmin, and Tom Brokaw will answer that burning question: War in the Middle East- what effect will it have on your ability to get a scrumptuous McGriddle sandwich for breakfast?

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