Thursday, May 18, 2006

All apologies

Doug Mcintyre says that he was wrong about the President. It's a strangely moving article because it's really off-putting to hear a radio talk show host admit to being wrong about something. It's also worth clicking that link to see if I'm not right that he looks like he's wearing a Halloween "nerd" costume. Anyway, to err is human. It's interesting how many people are now saying they were wrong about the war, and the President, and all sorts of other things. Most of us are wrong 99% of the time. And we find that we were wrong for most of that 1% as well. When you realize just how little you actually know, you learn to forgive.

For some reason, it makes me think of a scene in a R.A.Wilson book in which the main character looks in his wallet and finds a forgotten note to himself reading "You have no enemies". It would be nice if everyone realized that the people who disagree with them about "fundamental" issues are people, and not enemies.


The Pagan Temple said...

Man, that is really scary. Everything he said, with the exception of where he said he voted for Bush once and used to support him, I could have written, almost word for word. What he said about Bush, his complaints about the Democrats, the reality of Bushs probable legacy, the reality of the two party system being on the verge of collapse similar to the lead up to the Civil War. By the time Bush's termofoffice is up, I wonder how many moe of his former supporters are going to feel this way?

Rufus said...

I think it's actually a good time to be a libertarian.