Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cola Wars

My wife teases me because I call Pepsi "soda".

She says it's clearly called "pop", and only fools call it "soda".

I think North America is divided, and this division runs deeper than any red state-blue state nonsense. Some freaks even call these drinks "colas".

Here is the map detailing the lines in the Cola War: Pop Vs. Soda

God help us.


Abonnova said...

Just to internationalize this discussion-- you won't find much soda north of your border. We're definitely pop folk here.

Rufus said...

Oh, I know! My wife is originally from Edmonton. Actually, don't tell anybody, but we live in Ontario.

jingyang said...

Oh, Just extend it even more internationally, in New Zealand we call it soft drink , fizzy drink, or fizzy.
None of this soda or pop business. :-)

Rufus said...

Haha! I love "fizzy"! From now on I'm going to tell my wife "I'm going down to the convenience store to get myself a fizzy!"

jingyang said...

Oh? Well if you like that, then you can also when you put a scoop of ice cream into your fizzy, call the mix a spider. :-)

I have no idea of the etymology (entomology?) of that word though, sorry.