Monday, May 08, 2006

The Deflator

The Decider's approval rating is down to 31%.

Which means? Well, that 69% of the country are terrorists.

Democrats are apparently planning to take over the Congress... just like they were planning to win the Presidential election. In a freezer somewhere, there is a very moldy cake with "Congrats Democrats!" written on it in icing. The big question is does it make any difference which party wins at this point?

I mean, we're stuck with the war either way. The democrats can't end that without getting accused of being quislings. They'll have to take a similarly "tough stand" on immigration, so that they don't seem too "liberal". We're pretty much up a creek as far as fossil fuels go. So, don't expect any big relief there. And, I'm not expecting anyone to catch the Old Man of the Mountain in Afghanistan any time soon. So, why exactly does it make a difference if we wind up with a corrupt moron in the Bush mold or a corrupt moron in the Hillary mold? Does it make a difference to anyone but the writers for Saturday Night Live?

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