Thursday, May 04, 2006

Muchas Gracias, Dick!

Vincente Fox has pussed out. He's not going to legalize marijuana in Mexico. So, there goes cinco de mayo! Presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said Thursday that Fox had "in no way" yielded to U.S. pressure, but acknowledged that Mexico "took into account the observations of U.S. authorities." So, apparently the image that we're cultivating of the US as being "crazier than a shit-house rat and looking for a fight" is paying off.

Meanwhile, the US drug laws continue to make no sense. Did you know that you can order the ayahuasca or caapi vine through the mail so long as you do not grind it up and make a tea from it when you get it? Well, actually, you can do that if it's part of your religious practices. And actually you can make the tea so long as you do not drink it. Unless it's part of your religion.

Anyway, glad to see that we have allies in the fight to prevent pleasure.

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