Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cheese and Whine

It's been drizzling all day today. It was good that I was in the reading room. It's been a tough few days because I've found a lot of junk lately. Oh, it's all interesting stuff, but not what I need for my prospectus. I would love to find a big stack of passports from about 1800- 1850. But, they're really hard to find, and for some reason, they tend to be filed in very random places.

I did get to have a conversation with some other researchers today. Admittedly, I did very little of the talking. But, they went slow because they knew that I am still learning French and I understood about 95% of what they said. That was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about the Catholics in Turkey and why I cannot eat my bread without cheese.

I eat too much bread here. They make the best bread in the world here, and the cheese is not bad either. But, I am taking too much advantage of the bread and my wife believes it is why I'm sleeping a lot here. Also, it's very hard for me to resist the pastries! They don't have the "fraisier" in Canada, and I keep thinking "Better eat it while you can!" So, it's been a lot of bread and a lot of pastry. Amazingly, I'm not 200 lbs.

Conversation and food are important parts of life. But, so is love, and I miss my wife. It's been nearly three weeks, and it's not easy. I miss walking with her in the evenings and chasing the cat around the house at night.

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