Sunday, June 18, 2006


I'm still not entirely used to the Sunday routine. This would be Sunday number three for those of you who are counting. I can order a loaf of bread and ask for them to put it through the slicer for me, so I don't starve. But, I have yet to find the open-air market to get real food. I think there is a super marche near me that was open last Sunday, so I'm going to try that in about half an hour. But, the market I went to for the last two weeks has moved on, and the other one has become a flea market. So, instead of food, I can get old Tin-Tin books. Superb.

French towns are closed down on Sundays. Some people go to church, and others just walk around for a while and buy a loaf of bread. The bakeries are all open- because pastries and bread are very important here! But, otherwise, everything is closed. I like lazy Sundays quite a bit actually. But, I'm not so good at planning. So, unless the Super Marche is open, I'm having bread and sardines tonight!

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