Tuesday, June 13, 2006

France Needs Video Stores

Okay, one thing I don't like in France- they don't have very many video stores. Instead, they have these computers that you can get DVDs from on the sidewalk. They work like ATMs! You see three French guys standing in this little corner, all ordering Jerry Lewis in 'Cinderfella'. Just kidding!
The advantage of this is that you don't have to deal with the video store employees... But, I like the video store employees! Sure, some of them are teenagers who don't want to be there. That can be annoying. But, some of them are geeky young guys who love to talk about movies. Which really isn't all that different from me. I like to talk to people. And those kids usually love me when I rent movies.

Rufus: Okay, here you go.
Video Store Dork: "Eraserhead"! Great fuckin' movie man!
Rufus: Yeah, what can I say? It's a classic.
Video Store Dork: Yes it is, my man! Yes it is.

This is an experience that is hard to have in France. Where do the video store geeks go in Paris? If we can't find them a place to hang out and discuss the relative merits of Independence Day in French, they may well riot. And a video geek riot is not something you ever want to see.

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Rufus said...

Incidentallly, that is not a picture of the things I am talking about. Those things have movie posters on them, and usually a pay toilet inside. I think they are brilliant!