Monday, July 03, 2006

Paris subways

Today, I rode the subways all over Paris and learned how to use the archives. Paris is a bit tougher to navigate than Nantes was. It's the big city, so it's trés vite, while I am trés lent! I feel bad when I am holding people up because, as with all cities, they have things to do, and they have no time for you! It's just like New York in this way. This is something that I love about NYC, even though it's tough for us.... um, slow & steady types. I'll get there. Hopefully, no angry city dwellers will throw me in the river.

The Paris Metro is the fastest one I've ever ridden. You stand there, because it's very crowded, and you expect that it will take off in typical lurching subway style. But, it zooms out of the station like those fighter ships on Battlestar Gallactica. You can almost feel your face pulling back on your skull and your cheeks flapping like in those wind tunnels. Zoooooooommmm!! The Paris subways alone are worth going to the city. Better than Paris Disneyland!

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