Monday, July 31, 2006

Philosophers: Dead or Alive

Meanwhile, Iran isn't busy enough with waging war against Israel and trying to destabilize and take over the entire region. They've also got time to arrest Ramin Jahanbegloo, one of their nation's great intellectuals and philosophers and keep him in jail without any formal charges being brought against him.

Oh, and also make it illegal to say the word "pizza".

Where do they find the time?


The Pagan Temple said...

Well, they've got their own Shi'ite version of Mao's "Cultural Revolution" going on, and have for some time now. Only they seem to always find new ways of breathing new life into it.

Rufus said...

Well, you know, religious fanatics and communists (and all political fanatics) tend to cling to articles of faith over and above the evidence of their senses. Common sense is the first thing to go in the face of ideological certainty. And then they attack anyone who points out the obvious disconnects. As those disconnects grow, their attacks become more and more unhinged.

(I could make an obvious joke here about how many people have insisted to me that things are going swimmingly in Iraq, but the 'MSM hates America'. I'll refrain.)