Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Noam if you want to, Noam around the world

Just reading this Roger Scrunton piece about crazy old man Noam Chomsky. It's a decent over view of Chomsky's work, which can be summed up as:
1. Saussure was wrong about language (you don't say)
2. America is the worst country ever.
Obviously, Scrunton disagrees and wants to warn those readers of the Wall Street Journal who might otherwise pick up one of Chomsky's political books and quit their job in day trading to play in a crust punk band. Anyway, the article's decent, but this line threw me for a loop:

"And many of his public appearances are in America: the only country in the whole world that rewards those who denounce it with the honors and opportunities that make denouncing it into a rewarding way of life."

The whole world? So, there's nobody in Canada who makes money by bashing Canada? Or in Britain who makes money criticizing Britain? Is he serious? That can't be right.

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