Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poll Numbers

Americans are happy with the President again.

I'm guessing that pundits on the left will moan about how Karl Rove's evil schemes are working and people are being brainwashed, and we're doomed. Pundits on the right will argue that Americans are coming together to support the endless war, and offer their ringing support for torture. None of these are true.

Gas prices are better now, so the President's polls are up. If they get worse, or if taxes go up, his polls will go down. It's very simple. This is usually how polling works. Watch the polls for a few years and see if that's not right. People claim that they care deeply about 'our troops' or 'our nation' or 'the direction that we're taking'. But, that's wishful thinking. Most people want low taxes and good prices and then they're happy. They're educated shoppers basically.

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