Friday, March 23, 2007

Matthew Barney

I should say that there is much of contemporary art that I like- actually, I think your chances of seeing great art are much improved if you attend smaller galleries. I think there are plenty of great artists out there who are following their own obsessions, even though there is a lot of schlock too. But, generally, I get along well with artists; not so much with art scholars. One artist I like a lot, who is extremely popular as well, is Matthew Barney. What I loved about The Cremaster Cycle was its relentless surrealism as well as how deeply personal it is. This work of art could not exist if Matthew Barney didn't exist. I think he's broken into what Burroughs called "the grey room" and I admire that.


Royal said...

Seeing the cycle and all it's related objects and prints at the guggenheim was so epic - I stayed in the gallery for HOURS till the guards kicked me out. The scope of his imagination is vast. Plus he's smokin' hot.

Rufus said...

Ah yes, now why am I imagining a porno movie with him, Bjork, and all of the characters in his films?