Friday, March 16, 2007

Movie Notes: "Fido" (2007)

Basically a one-joke movie, and you'll know the joke if you see the trailer, "Fido" still works somehow because of its loopy sense of humor, which reminded me of the Simpsons. In fact, this could be a "treehouse of horror" bit stretched to feature length. Basically, the joke is that it's an alternate version of the 1950s in which suburbanites own zombies as the family pet. Does that idea make you giggle a bit? Well, then you'll probably enjoy this one. They wring every last joke out of the premise (including Mom to Zombie "What's wrong? Is Timmy in trouble?") and get in a few digs at militaristic security in suburbia. Overall, it's cartoonish and silly, and I laughed a number of times.

We saw the Rue Morgue screening last night in Toronto. It opens this week in Canada and in June in the states. If you're the sort of person who likes this sort of thing, well, this is the sort of thing you'd like.

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