Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Secret

USA has an article about The Secret, the latest example of popular study in the field of crapology. Apparently, there are a number of Churches that preach similar "power of positive thinking" Panglossian scented-candle babble. I mean, okay let's be honest, there's no accounting for taste. And, if people want to believe stupid things, well who cares really? Besides, it's encouraging that the public has this widespread belief that really old books have wonderous secrets in them-some of them do, and people might even start reading some of them.

You have to wonder though- most traditional ethical systems work by encouraging some sort of empathy in their adherents. So, what about a "Church" that encourages its members to believe that other people who are suffering brought it on themselves by their negative thoughts? (I mean, hell if those German Jews hadn't been so negative...) Isn't this just ugly first world narcissisitic indifference wrapped up in a new age bow?

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