Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snow Days

The snow is falling tonight and has been all week. Our neighborhood is glazed with a coat of old snow; at night it's placid and dull, like a stage set that has yet to be painted. Jagged mounds mark the corners where shovelled sidewalks and driveways cross paths. Shadows from the sycamore trees lie across the road like abandoned bridal lace.

Sometimes I think that Canadian winters should last all year long. I wonder what it would be like to live in the Northern territories and have all aspects of life organized by the snow. I could think of worse things to do than sit inside and read all day. I love the simplicity of winter days here. Claire and I walk to the pizza place and read books and feel like we've really accomplished something. I like the slowness and solemnity of it; the mindfulness.

Other times, I can't wait for Spring to get here. When it's May, I feel like I'm born anew; like I'm 16 years old and ready to have sex all day instead of going to class. Winter puts the kibosh on my exuberance. It's embarassing how differently I teach classes in the "Fall" as compared to the "Spring" semester. "Fall" is actually still warm here, so I'm a history-teaching spazz. "Spring" is the Dead Zone months here, so I'm dragging along. Right now, I'm dragging. At some point, I assume I'm going to fall asleep while teaching.

Next week is Spring Break- our front yard still has a two-foot coat of snow and ice. The Gods must be lazy.

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