Saturday, March 10, 2007


Right now, I am positively gleeful!

Claire and I are taking part in one of our yearly traditions tonight- the journey into Toronto to see Tafelmusik perform. We do this every winter, and actually during most of the other seasons too. But, there's something delightful about driving down there during the duller winter months, getting dinner at the Thai restaurant across the street, and watching a genuine Baroque orchestra play history's greatest compositions on original instruments. Afterwards, we get something warm to drink and head back home. It's one of my favorite things to do actually. Anyone in the T.O. area- I highly recommend you check them out. Anyway, tonight they're performing Handel's Water Music. I'll let everyone know how it was later.


Jen P. said...

What fun!

Rufus said...

You should check out their website. They're playing a free concert at your university on the 23rd.