Saturday, June 30, 2007


If you are going to travel all the way to Vienna to see the fancy old buildings, soaked in age and magnificence and the splendor of aristocratic inbred self-glorification, why, WHY is it necessary to have the tourism board make a brand-recognition project out of it? Why do you need a logo? Why do you need a mascot? (Yes, the Museums Quartier has a mascot.) Why did you bother going all that way, if what you really wanted was the comfortable innocuous visual shorthand of airport signage--brutally efficient, monochrome, friendly but bland?
If that's what you wanted, you should probably have just arranged a tour of airports. They have more good art exhibits in them than you think.


Rufus said...

Actually, that's very true. One of the best exhibits that I saw last year was in the airport while waiting to fly to Virginia.

Rufus said...

Note- I sort of shrunk the picture a bit because the page wasn't loading on my computer. It might just be that my laptop isn't good. Let me know if you object terribly.

Holly said...

Hey, no worries on the shrink, I actually shrunk it by about half when I put it in, and I wasn't sure if that was enough.

And, no, I wasn't kidding about airport art. I'm not sure when or how airports became a site for good exhibitions, but I'm not going to complain.