Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures of Hamilton 2

These are very characteristic Ontario brick houses. They built a great number of them in this style in the 1940s for the kids coming back from the war to start their new lives in. I like them; they're functional, sturdy, and relatively attractive. Our house is fairly similar to these ones.


Holly said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of Hamilton. Please continue to do so, as the mood strikes? Places have character, and even the drabbest places can have fascinating visuals. William Eggleston's photos are a fantastic example of this--while they don't make you want to live in a shithole southern U.S. town, they do create the feeling of having been there, and it wasn't all bad, and you survived intact, and possibly enriched a little.

Rufus said...

Oh yeah. It occurred to me that Hamilton is a bit of a cultural dead zone, but still fascinating to me. It's really interesting to look at and one of the things that I love about the people here is that most of them I encounter are really doing their own thing. It's not like Toronto, where I felt like I understood pretty quickly what niche people were occupying.