Monday, June 18, 2007

Prat Burglar

Well, here's a funny story from the Washington City Paper:

A 24-year old alumni of American University was arrested recently attempting to break into the university's registrar's office and change the transcripts of his grade. He was caught by security, drunk in the office, and attempted to tackle them. Anyway, in case you were wondering what kind of idiot does something like this, he's currently a vice president at Merrill Lynch. ''According to his MySpace page, the Southern California native has visited 13 percent of the countries in the world and prefers throwing parties to attending them. His favorite books include The Fountainhead, The Tipping Point, and The Power Broker. Among the photos posted on the page are an image of Sedigh dressed up as a giant penis-and-testes for Halloween and a snapshot of a Lexus speedometer topping 140 miles per hour with the annotation “Speeding tickets are expensive.''

So, you know, a douche, basically.

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