Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sicko Flicko Honchos Tricko-ed by Schmuckos

The Weinstein Company is seeking legal action against whoever posted the forthcoming Michael Moore film 'Sicko' to the Internet. Moore, for his part, has restated that he disapproves of copyright laws. Me too.

I'm not even sure what the problem is here. Michael Moore's movies have to be made on the cheap, so it's not like the Weinsteins are trying to sell Spiderman and the Pirates of Middle Earth in 3-D. Moreover, the people who are going to download the movie are the roughly one-half of the country who already know they hate it, and they hate Michael Moore, and who weren't going to go to the multiplex to see Sicko anyway. My father, for example, has never seen a Michael Moore film in his life and knows very well that he hates them, thank you very much. He won't watch it online. My Grandfather hates Michael Moore and would probably get my Uncle to download it for him to say that he showed that fat bastard. But, again, they wouldn't go see the movie anyway.

I've seen most of Michael Moore's movies and had serious problems with every single one of them, which I have detailed here in extreme detail. But, you know, I'm way too lazy to download it or go to the multiplex to see it. Steel City Video, here I come!

So, that just leaves the Michael Moore fans, a group that includes both people who wouldn't dream of downloading his film, and everyone who will go to see this film in the theatre. In fact, I'd say that both circles in this particular Venn diagram are completely overlapping. So, what could the worry possibly be here?


gregvw said...

Your arguments make sense, but the fact of the matter is there are over 20,000 people seeding the torrents on this film right now.

Rufus said...

Well, maybe if they added another scene for theatres only- perhaps Michael Moore could do a nude scene...