Saturday, June 09, 2007

When I go to the library, I move from the labor class area of Hamilton to the suburbs of the professional class. One prime indicator of this is that I suddenly start to see athletic activity everywhere- jogging, biking, etc.- and the people become increasingly fit and disciplined. The poor take the body as a fact, whereas the wealthy take the body as a problem, something to be mastered, whipped into shape, and overcome. There is also an aspect of overcompensation here, for the complete lack of physicality in the lives of the professional class.

Today, at the community fair that I wandered through, the most popular attraction was a huge fiberglass 'climbing wall'. How strange to have to import natural landmarks to discover and explore. They've certainly brought the mountain to Mohammad! I fantasized that hawks, or other birds of prey, might make nests in the climbing wall, adding a bit of adventure to the climber's experience. I also wondered if, years from now, they'll be bringing in artificial 'walking paths' to replicate that particular experience.

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