Friday, August 31, 2007

More Shocking Than Deathtöngue*

Here is the link to the recent Opus cartoon which the Washington Post deemed "offensive to Muslims". If anything, it will explain to Claire why I call the cat Lola Granola. However, reading it won't make it clear why it's offensive to Muslims. The Catholic League, predictably, is yelling "Hey! Why won't you pull stuff that offends us!" My advice- threaten to blow up a few people and maybe they will.

Actually, that's not fair. Nobody threatened to blow up the Washington Post. Instead the editors took the cartoon around and showed it to all the Muslims in their office to see if they reacted emotionally- no doubt, they held the cartoon out to them on the end of a stick while hiding behind a filing cabinet, wearing haz-mat uniforms. Anyway, someone did get upset, so they pulled it and probably replaced it with something shitty like Cathy (a cartoon that nearly always makes me want to wage jihad). In other words, they weren't really threatened at all- they offered to censor themselves without even being asked. How polite.

Le sigh. At some point, the eternally offended among us are going to have to explain to the rest of us what sort of world they want to live in. Do they really see it as a sign of respect to have people treat them with kid gloves, like the bratty child whose parents are afraid to tell him "No" for fear that he'll start screaming in the shopping department? Is that tolerance? And the self-censoring among us are going to have to figure out what, if anything, they stand for.

*Extra points for whoever gets the reference.


Holly said...

Good lord! You don't mean that a political/social satirical cartoonist has ventured some kind of political/social commentary? in his carton?!

What's the world coming to?

I'd have thought reasonable Muslims would find the fad-radical Muslims offensive.

Billy and the Boingers could write a song about it, for the benefit concert.

Rufus said...

I might be overly optimistic, but it doesn't sound like anybody had the chance to actually be offended by it. Just the possibility that someone somewhere might be offended was enough for the Post to decide not to take that chance. The word chickenshit comes to mind.

I guess what I'm overly optimistic about is that reasonable Muslims would have appreciated the joke.

And I think that the Boingers were never the same after Hodgepodge left.