Sunday, August 12, 2007

Slime City

Somehow, I suspect that Holly and Greg will enjoy this.


Holly said...

I think Greg said it best... "Why is that man full of hotdogs??"

Rufus said...

That's where hot dogs come from: Slime City.

Greg said...

I would not presume to have a more extensive knowledge of bad horror films than Rufus, but I submit for your consideration:



Creatures from the Abyss

Rufus said...

I've heard of both, but I have yet to actually see Monsturd. Although, of course, I want to. Desperately.

I'd never heard of Slime City until about a year ago, when all of a sudden I kept hearing about this supposed 80s classic. If I see the DVD at the horror convention that's taking place in Toronto this month, I'm planning to snap it up. I'll look for Monsturd as well.