Tuesday, August 07, 2007

trouble in paradise for rufus and me (maybe some shit-stirring)

things that I know:

1. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was promised an order of Buffalo hot wings from New York Governor Eliot Spitzer if the Ottawa Senators won the best-of-seven versus the Buffalo Sabres during the Stanley cup playoffs, and promised to give a months supply of Tim Horton's coffee if the Sens lost. ( http://sportsbuffalo.blogspot.com/2007/05/more-on-line-between-sabres-and.html )

2. The Sens kicked ass, apparently. (I don't follow hockey)

3. Mr. Spitzer has yet to deliver the goods from Anchor Bar, and our Premier is PISSED. So much so that he held a press conference.

This brings into question, is Mr. Spitzer a man of his words?? What does this say about New York residents, nay...AMERICANS? To quote my premier, I think there are only two words that can possibly sum up the implications of what is happening here: "International Incident".

Sooooo, Rufus, what do you have to say for yourself and your country, Mr. I-love-hot-wings? Make it good or I won't tell you which set of boxers I coated with itching powder.

your (canadian) wife


Rufus said...

Listen poutine-eaters, you'll get our wings when you pry our cold, dead fingers off the plate!

claire said...

in that case, it was ALL your boxers, and 3 pairs of randomly chosen socks.



Holly said...

I love hot wings and coffee as much as anyone else, but does that seem like a fair trade? ONE order of hot wings, or a MONTH supply of coffee? There's something wrong with the exchange rate. No wonder the premier is pissed. It could only be worse if there were itching powder in his drawers.

clairev said...

true, but these wings are from Anchor Bar, the originator of Buffalo Wings and they're damn tasty. A month's supply of Tim Horton's coffee wouldn't leave me jumping for joy, though the product is almost synonymous with what it is to be canadian, the stuff is pretty tame. I'd pick the wings.


Rufus said...

Tim Horton's coffee is piss poor. But, like she said, it's associated with Canada. I've heard of backpackers in Europe carrying a Tim Horton's mug with them so that other Canucks can identify them. And there are still people who are devastated by the chain's merger with Wendy's. For the record, they have lousy coffee and really good donuts and sandwiches. They should have offered sandwiches. I think that might have been a better trade for the wings, which are top of the line. We'll keep you informed as this important story develops.

Claire, I have stopped wearing socks and underwear, foiling your plan. Well played, wife. Well played...