Monday, August 06, 2007

Yet another thing I'm interested in- old wallpaper.


Holly said...

Did you know there are reproduction companies that make old wallpaper, now? You can find their listings in the back of This Old House and Restoration and so on.

Rufus said...

I didn't know about that. I knew that there are companies that allow you to design your own. My dream is to make wallpaper using the sky in this famous Magritte painting:

It's fairly expensive though. But I've been saying for the last five years that wallpaper needs to make a comeback- the bland, one color walls and Ikea furniture that everyone (including us) seems to have get really depressing after a while.

One of my fashion magazines had an article about the return of wallpaper recently, and I actually exclaimed: "Yes!" when I read it.

Holly said...

Y'know... you can actually just use wallpaper fixative and apply fabric to the walls. You have to be particular about what you're using, because obviously you want something that has edges you can match up (this is probably the fundamental thing that distinguishes "wallpaper" from "fabric we glued to the wall") but another option is to put an area of fabric, and then surround it with some decorative molding, to form a framed area. This breaks up the blankness of the wall without necessitating the kind of DIY project that frequently ends in a subpoena. It's a very baroque look, which I'm guessing fits in with your aesthetic, if that's the kind of wallpaper you're into.