Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More Lousy Halloween Costumes

In the vein of lousy Halloween costumes, I present the Fork Costume- live out your life-long dreams of being a fork. And since apparently all Halloween costumes for women are some variation on hooker (i.e.- hooker/witch, hooker/waitress, hooker/scientist, hooker/fork...), Radar has discovered a company selling a ''Sexy'' anorexia-themed costume. Because, you know, Halloween costumes should at least make someone at the Halloween Party start crying.


gregvw said...

Who the hell dresses their infant like a ketchup squeeze bottle?

I believe the sexy costume trend is adequately explored in this short video


Rufus said...

A parent who wants the child to be eaten by rats?

It's a good video- I'm waiting for a sexy ketchup bottle myself. Or a frog.