Thursday, October 11, 2007

Teenage Mother (1967) trailer

I would imagine that teenage pregnancy actually means more than nine months of trouble. But this trailer illustrates why there aren't more jobs for voice-over artists from Staten Island! The movie itself looks more than a little bit tacky, but it is the most important film you will ever see, so why complain? Teenage Mutha!


Holly said...

I have difficulty believing that was breaking box office records, unless it was the never-sold-a-ticket record. It's creepy they way they want it to look like lite porno, but encourage parents to bring their daughters. (Boys, obviously, would learn the wrong lessons from it...?)

Rufus said...

It was sort of the other way around. Back when it was hard to peddle pure smut they would try to market these things as educational films. There are some really bizarre exploitation films out there that show explicit sex, but also show the entire reproductive process, ending with birth, all with the implication that people are going out to see educational material and not sex. I'm guessing not too many viewers brought their daughters.